Parenting Adolescents


Parenting is life-changing. And complicated. Period.

Adolescence is life-changing. And complicated. Period.

Parenting an adolescent is life-changing. And complicated. Exclamation Point.

As the adolescent is transitioning into their older, more independent self, the parent too must go through a transition. Transitions are messy. I help parents move through the messiness.

I am not a parent of adolescents. I am a therapist who understands adolescents. I find incredible joy in helping both the parent(s) and adolescent continue to build their relationship and foster growth.

I help parents navigate such experiences as:

  • balancing limits/boundary setting and providing space for independence

  • adolescent substance use

  • family conflict

  • communication

  • screen usage

  • gender and/or sexually diverse (LGBTQ+) teens

  • anxiety (of the parent and/or teen)

  • depression (of the parent and/or teen)

  • sexually active teens

In addition to the work in session with parents, I often direct parents to helpful resources. You can find my current list of recommended books/resources HERE.

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