Green Exercise Therapy

the integration of mind, body, soul, and nature for the sake of deep personal development and healing


I offer Green Exercise Therapy for adolescents and adults of all ages. Green Exercise Therapy operates from the belief that meaningful personal change, growth and healing can occur when combining psychotherapy, physical fitness, and a conscious engagement with nature in one cohesive experience.

Green Exercise is defined as the engagement in physical activity while being exposed to nature. Green Exercise Therapy is a therapeutic approach that integrates this form of exercise (running or hiking, primarily) as a key component of psychotherapeutic treatment.

For Adults

I offer a variety of Green Exercise Therapy programs for adults, each are 12 weeks in length* and include a combination of in-office therapy sessions, an individually-tailored green exercise schedule, and green exercise sessions with me. During the initial welcome session, we will collaboratively discuss your individual goals and desired treatment experience. This is offered in both Marin and San Francisco. 

*Clients are provided a 12-week Green Exercise plan. Longer-term therapeutic treatment is available and can be discussed with Adam. 

For Adolescents

I offer Green Exercise Therapy for adolescents that would prefer the therapeutic experience to take place while engaging in movement outdoors. This can occur in alternation with in-office psychotherapy sessions, or serve as the primary space of the therapeutic experience. Depending on the adolescent, we will walk, hike, and/or run during our sessions. This is offered in both Marin and San Francisco. Please contact me to discuss this option further. 

Running to Thrive 

Running to Thrive is a 10-week green exercise-based therapeutic group offered to at-risk teenagers. If you work with this population and are interested in this program, please contact me to get started.

To learn more and to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to explore if Green Exercise Therapy is what you are looking for, please contact me.