Why I do this work

I have long been connected to the experience of using my life to better the lives of those around me - I remember having this feeling as young as when I was in kindergarten, and it just kept getting stronger and stronger. Where did this feeling come from? Well, I feel like this was legit a hippy-dippy soul level purpose kind of thing that I was born with and can’t fully explain, but also, I feel like this desire to be of services to others was amplified by my experience being a super emotionally sentient kid who experienced a lot of the darkness (pain, insecurity, anxiety, depression, and fear)as well as the gifts of lightness (joy, love, support, hope). While in my freshmen year of high school, I came to the belief that the meaning of my own life is to help as many people as possible. Later, as more personal development work began, I recognized that helping people is great, but you gotta include yourself in the equation. From then on, I’ve operated from the belief that I’m here to help as many people as possible while still fulfilling individual passion. The work that occurs int he therapeutic and human development space is where this belief comes to life for me, and I’m so grateful to love what I do. Legit - I look forward to Mondays.

What I believe about Therapy

Straight up, I believe therapy is awesome. There still seems to be a cultural belief that paints therapy as something for the weak, the broken, and the crazy, and I have a hard time with this because I believe the opposite. I believe anyone who setups into a therapeutic space is strong, courageous, and is taking responsibility over their life. I can’t help but wonder if our culture’s negative beliefs about therapy are connected with a cultural fear of vulnerability. In my own personal practice of self-care and personal development, therapy been a container within which I have grown more into myself, gained better understanding about how and why I operate the way I do, released and shed those aspects of being that no longer serve me, and stepped more into who I want to become as a person. Bottom line - I love therapy and look forward to continuing to be a part of spreading the narrative of how awesome it can be.