Wayfinder Teen Group: Cultivating Purpose

Each participant receives their Project Wayfinder Toolkit, which houses each week’s activities and lessons.

Each participant receives their Project Wayfinder Toolkit, which houses each week’s activities and lessons.

Upcoming Group:
Fall 2019 Wayfinder Teen Group - Marin (all genders welcome)
15-18 year-olds
11:00a-1:00p, Sundays
September 22 - November 24, 2019
Mill Valley Community Center
$500.00 for 10 week group program ($50/week)
*all materials included
this is a closed group, 10 week commitment required.

*Fall group registration has CLOSED. Contact if interested in Winter 2020 group starting in January.

“Life feels meaningless.” “I don’t care about anything.”

“Why am I alive?”

These are words I constantly hear from teens when talking about their lives. They feel disconnected and lost. They don’t feel like they matter, they don’t feel connected to any sense of purpose. That is why I’ve teamed up with Project Wayfinder.

Project Wayfinder was developed at Stanford University’s d. school drawing from research from Stanford’s Center for Adolescence. The mission of Project Wayfinder is to help young people create lives of meaning and purpose. I have been part of the team bringing this curriculum into schools, and now am bringing this curriculum into my practice in this therapeutic teen group (all genders welcome).

In this 10-week group, we will use the Wayfinder curriculum as a catalyst for teens to further explore and understand themselves and what they care about as we look at what it means to live from purpose. The curriculum follows three main phases: Self-Understanding, Beyond Self (what matters outside of oneself), and Purposeful Action. After spending time building trust and community with the group, each teen will reflect on their life journey, their values, their obstacles, and their internal and external support systems. Next, they will explore what they care about outside of their own experience; what matters to them, how they can impact their environment/community and vice versa. The final phase of the group uses the awareness gained in the first two phases to guide the teen in uncovering what is uniquely purposeful for them and how to actualize this.

Each group meeting will include structured activities the teen will complete individually to gain self-understanding, plus sharing in dyads and whole group to support developing skill in sharing one's story and offering compassion to another's.