I help people bring growth to their adult self by healing their adolescent self.


Many people experienced struggle and/or wounding during their adolescence. Often, we can grow into our adult selves and not realize that those wounds weren’t fully mended.

Without tending to these experiences and parts of our adolescent selves the result can be us continuing to carry the weight of this struggle consciously or unconsciously. This affects so many aspects of our life and how we feel, often in ways that don’t feel great or keep us feeling stuck.

Here’s some examples of people with adolescent wounds that need tending:

People who internalized various messages as children and/or adolescents that led to negative beliefs about themselves or others, such as: I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, I should be ashamed of my body, people should not be trusted, I am not smart/creative/able/etc… As adults, they still believe this.

People across the gender and sexual diversity spectrums whom lived closeted during their adolescence or were not yet aware of their gender or sexual identity at that age. The younger self may hold some of the pain of not being seen and accepted, not living out romantic and sexual hopes they wished for, believing something is wrong with them, grieving experiences not able to be had…

For these and other woundings experienced by the adolescent self, I help people identify and heal these parts of self, and support people’s continued growth towards the life they want.

If you’re curious about doing this work with me, please reach out to learn more: